Daoze Zhang (张道泽)
Computer Science, ZJU 23'


Hello, my name is Daoze Zhang and I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Zhejiang University, fortunately advised by Prof. Yang Yang in DCD Lab. My research interests include deep learning and data mining in the healthcare field, time series analysis, and more cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, I am actively exploring natural language processing related to large language models.

Research Topics

Machine Learning for Healthcare
Time Series Analysis
Large Language Models
Recommendation System


Zhejiang University
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, 23'
Xi'an Tieyi High School
  • Hua Luogeng Science Elite Class, 19'


May. 2024
1 paper accepted by SIGKDD 2024 (first author)
1 paper posted on arXiv preprint (second author)
Sept. 2023
1 paper accepted by NeurIPS 2023 (first author)
1 paper accepted by NeurIPS 2023 (co-first author)
Jul. 2023
Outstanding Undergraduate Graduate of Zhejiang Province
Outstanding Undergraduate Graduate of ZJU
May. 2022
As the leader of the SRTP National Innovation Project, our work was rated as “Excellent” (the highest level)
Jul. 2021
Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship
First-class Scholarship at ZJU
Outstanding Student Scholarship of CTZ Edu Fdn
Sept. 2020
Admitted to the Computer Science major at ZJU
Nov. 2020
First Prize in the Zhejiang Province College Physics Competition
Sept. 2019
Admitted to the Qiushi Science Class (Physics) at Chu Kochen Honors College, ZJU

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Graduate of Zhejiang Province, 2023 (Top 5%)
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Graduate of Zhejiang University, 2023
  • Xiaomi Scholarship, 2022 (3/800+)
  • Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship, 2021 (Top 3%)
  • First-class Scholarship at Zhejiang University, 2021 (Top 3%)
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship of CTZ Education Foundation, 2021 (3/800+)
  • Outstanding Student of Zhejiang University, 2021
  • First Prize in the Zhejiang Province College Physics Competition, 2020 (Top 5%)
  • Outstanding Youth League Member of Zhejiang University, 2020


Brant-X: A Unified Physiological Signal Alignment Framework
TLDR: We propose a unified physiological signal alignment framework to learn representations from various physiological data.
Daoze Zhang, Zhizhang Yuan, Junru Chen, Kerui Chen, Yang Yang
Brant-2: Foundation Model for Brain Signals
TLDR: We propose a foundation model for brain signals, which can be applied to various scenarios of both iEEG and EEG.
Zhizhang Yuan, Daoze Zhang, Gefei Gu, Junru Chen, Yang Yang
arXiv preprint
[Paper] [Code]
Brant: Foundation Model for Intracranial Neural Signal
TLDR: We propose a foundation model for modeling intracranial recordings, providing a large-scale, off-the-shelf model for medicine.
Daoze Zhang*, Zhizhang Yuan*, Yang Yang, Junru Chen, Jingjing Wang, Yafeng Li
(* equal contribution)
NeurIPS 2023
PPi: Pretraining Brain Signal Model for Patient-independent Seizure Detection
TLDR: We propose a pretraining-based model to conduct patient-independent seizure detection on SEEG in the clinical scenario.
Zhizhang Yuan*, Daoze Zhang*, Yang Yang, Junru Chen, Yafeng Li (* equal contribution)
NeurIPS 2023
[Paper] [Code]


Teaching Assistant Peer Tutoring Mentor
  • CS 211C0010: Object-oriented Programming, with Prof. Weiwei Xu (2021)
  • CS 211G0280: Fundamentals of C Programming (2020)


In life, I have a passion for history🏺, geography🌎, and classical music🎼. I have also studied traditional arts such as seal carving and Chinese painting🎨. At the age of 13, I was honored to receive the gold medal🥇 in the Peace Cup Youth Painting and Calligraphy Competition held in the United States.


During my two years as a member and deputy minister of the Arts Department in CKC Honors College Student Union, I fell in love with organizing and managing everything related to events and performances🌟. Together with the team members, I was responsible for organizing multiple singing competitions, New Year's ceremonies, and graduation ceremonies.


Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to take on the role of video editing🎬 for the ZJU English version of "The Wave", which garnered recognition and promotion from various institutions including Zhejiang News, Qianjiang Evening News, Foreign Language Research Press, Sina, Sohu, and more. bilibili